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Media Kit

Colin Squire Publishing offers an array of print and digital advertising opportunities for those companies looking to put their brand in front of the purchasing decision makers in the superyacht industry: Captains, Crew and Owners.
Please reference the full media kit of opportunities by clicking here: media kit


Yachting Matters Magazine, published since 2000, is a premier superyacht publication personally distributed exclusively onboard to yachts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean over 25 metres. Yachting Matters Magazine, and its bespoke edition for owners (The Yacht Owner), leads the industry in in-depth editorials and features stories on the trends and personalities that are shaping the superyacht industry that we know today.


Print Run: 10,000 copies
Editions: Two times a year (Spring, Fall)
Distribution: Worldwide Distribution but mainly onboard yachts +25m throughout the Mediterranean
Core Audience: Yacht Captains, Crew, Owners and Industry professionals

DIGITAL: is the only superyacht portal in the industry, or possibly on the web, comprised of 60 of the rarest and most sought after superyacht domains. Companies have chosen to advertise on SuperyachtWeb in order to be easily identified on the web as a leader in their sector of the superyacht industry.


You have printed your new superyacht brochure. Now how do you utilise its potential to the full. Colin Squire developed YachtFile in 1994 to give companies, like yourselves, the opportunity to have brochures and flat media in general distributed directly onboard professionally run yachts. Captains, Owners and Crew love these packs, many never get to a boat show and miss out on the products and services that could allow them to run their vessels more efficiently or offer their guests a higher level of service. 6000 of these packs are personally delivered to yachts during four different deliveries throughout the year that take many tens of thousands of miles of travel to achieve. Indeed YachtFile is a unique product and if you seriously wish to get your marketing material to these extraordinary vessels, their Crew and Owners there is only one way - the YachtFile way. Find out more at